Life Lately

I went to Connecticut and this is the only picture I took. It's a view of the house we put at the top of our list and the road/neighborhood. The trees are bare but hopeful signs of Spring were everywhere--bright yellow forsythia and crocuses greeted us on our house-hunting tour.

Andy came to California. He spent the weekend helping Sam with his 
Eagle project:

Fuel Stop



Shane lying down on the job

Almost "After"--just the concrete pad left to pour.

The garden grew some more...

And our Shayla grew up and got ready to leave home.

We are in the waning stages of child-rearing. We will soon be down to the last two. Shayla got her driver's license and Sam got his permit so I have spent a lot of time in the car lately pressing down on that imaginary brake in the passenger seat
 (I'm too old for this!) 
They are both good drivers, it just takes practice to get there.

Andy also ordained Sam a priest while he was here. He blessed the Sacrament for the first time on Easter Sunday. It was a sweet mama moment to hear my boy (in the deep, bass Gale man-voice) say the solemn, sacred words of our weekly renewal ordinance.

I find myself saying a little wistfully:
"One more to go"
One more Priest.
One more Eagle Scout.
One more driver's license.
One more...

Wow. Where did the time go?


Anna said…
I can't believe Sam is old enough to have a deep, Gale, man-voice!
Brenda said…
We are neck in neck with you in the final days of raising our children also. I always thought this was what we were working for only to find out I was wrong. Am going to have to re-evaluate (ha, ha) Just know on the other side of the country, soon to be the same:) someone is feeling those same growing up too soon pains!

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