Missionary Moment

This was the email I received from Elder Gale two weeks ago:
"Sorry! I only have three more minutes til the library closes. It was district pday today so I didn't have any time! A lot has happened and we're looking at baptising upwards of 12 people in the next few weeks! Some cool stories. But I will write a letter when I have more time! I love you all and I'm doing just fine! Teaching lots of people and helping them progress! Love, Elder Gale

Even in a short note he managed to fit in SIX! exclamation points. Gotta love his enthusiasm!

I got a hand-written letter in the mail yesterday
and it included PICTURES!

He apologized for the bluriness here--but you can still see
that it is the classic MTC map pose

Elder Gale cheerfully scrubbing the font

They had a baptism on Conference Sunday between sessions. 

I loved that Elder Gale wrote on the back of this picture: "This is a t-shirt at the MTC, but I found this
one in our apartment! I think it's pretty awesome!"

His Momma thinks it's pretty awesome too.


Anna said…
Aren't you so glad that he knows how to scrub a tub? Good work, Mom!
Shanna said…
I love him scrubbing that baptismal font. And in a suit! Our sweet Seth!

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