Fast Forward

I enjoyed some time last week with these two little darlins:
"My parents are going to find me a unicorn house." Bailey informed me when I told
her that Mom and Dad were looking for a new house in New Jersey.
We had fun at the park and enjoyed building a fort out of the couch cushions.

"Can you help me?" was the sweet request of little Norah many times a day.
And Nana was happy to help.
One night Norah couldn't get to sleep so I got her up and rocked her and sang "I am a Child of God" to her.
She laid her head on my shoulder and relaxed and then she said:
"Go bed now, Nana. I go bed now."
When I laid her down in her crib she rolled over and went to sleep.
Awww good times.

In the meantime, things have been snowballing on the homefront. 
We put our cabin on the market just to see if there would be any nibbles.
And it sold within the week.
I was hoping it would at least take as long as the California house to sell.
But no, that vixen of a cabin lured in buyers the minute they saw her alluring pictures on Craigslist.
The Pollyanna in me is trying to play the Glad Game and be happy about that but I'm not quite there yet.

Then, we FINALLY got an offer on the hacienda here in Cali. 
I had to do some long-distance paperwork but we got everything agreed upon and
now it looks like the waiting game is over.
We are in full packing mode.
Bring on the chaos.

And that means I will bid farewell to another garden.

To top it all off, my baby girl grew up and left home.

Shayla is off to Washington to have an adventure restoring her 1971 Nova with Grampa Gale.
Then from there to Provo to fulfill her BYU dreams.
She left me outnumbered--even the dog is a boy.

I don't remember giving her permission to grow up.


Child Family said…
What! She is old enough to go to college! That is crazy and I am feeling old!

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