Canine Conundrum

Why is it that a dog will happily eat rat innards,
munch on the carcasses of long-dead critters
and even lap up their own vomit..
(not to mention exhibit an unhealthy interest in the cat's litterbox)

But will REFUSE to swallow a clean, sanitary, necessary pill.

* * *

Our Gunner had a mysterious laceration on his backside along with some scratches
on his legs. We took him into the vet and since the procedure to close up the cut required anesthesia,
we had his dewclaws removed at the same time. So poor Gunner
is laid up for awhile. He is quite put-out that he can't run free and gnaw
off the bandages and stitches. We are getting tricky at crushing up his medicine 
and hiding it in various formerly forbidden foods.  


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