Birthday Boy

Our missionary celebrated a birthday yesterday. It was his p-day so we got another enthusiastic email from him. He was planning to celebrate his birthday by teaching a lesson to a 13 year old investigator who had asked to be baptized: "Elders! I've decided I want to be baptized! What's the next step?!" And going out to dinner with a Colonel Sanders look alike and his wife. Good times in the mission field.

Here's a little stroll down memory lane with our cute Seffers:

Seth's 1st Birthday with the traditional train cake

Looking dapper in a bow tie and suspenders


Spiffed up in homemade vest and bowtie
(The bowtie was a signature look for Seth!)

Enthusiastically endorsing the scriptures

In a recent letter Elder Gale said: "Oh youth conference, if only I had appreciated the worth of such events when I was younger! Now I wish I could go. Same with seminary! I wish I had paid more attention, maybe slept a little less. But we get three hours of studies every morning, so I've become quite the scholar."

Music to my ears.

Happy Birthday Elder Gale!


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