Birthday Boy

Brand-new Baby Mason
(I just noticed that one of my FAVORITE pictures is right behind me~)

I was holding my grandson just a few minutes after I saw him born.
Shanna had him with midwives in attendance in a hundred-year-old home that is
now a birthing center.
The lights were dimmed, soft music was playing. There was a sacred feeling
of reverence in the room. It wasn't an easy birth--and if she had been in a
hospital she very likely would have had a c-section. (My daughter has a "tipped uterus" just like me and it made it difficult to dilate and slowed her progress for several hours)  But because of the inspiration and skill of the amazing women watching over her, it was a beautiful and natural birth.
I still remember the lovely smell of the essential oils they used to get the cervix to dilate the last bit--Mason came out smelling like lavender and rose. I am sharing more than I intended to here, but I can't celebrate Mason's one-year-milestone without remembering his special delivery.

Mason at Burgerville with his Daddy

So a whole year has flown by and Mr. Mason is walking and talking and keeping his parents on their toes--as any good one-year-old should.
Happy Birthday!


Shanna said…
It's crazy how much I've been thinking about his birth the last couple days too. And that picture on the wall of the birthing center was the first thing I noticed when I walked in for the first time, and the first sign that I knew that was where I was supposed to have my baby. =)
I love catching up with you. Congrats on your big move! Stacie Oh, and p.s. 50 has not been too bad :)

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