I am mostly finished with the packing around these parts. But I have a few decisions still to make about "pack and take" or "get rid of". I had put that off with these suits that were left in the upstairs closet--one by our currently serving missionary and the other by our recently returned missionary. I was trying to see into the future and determine if Sam might need them for a back up (it's happened before when I forgot to pick up the dry cleaning --oops!). Also in my future-gazing I was debating whether Sam would pass his older brothers in height, rendering the suits useless.
 Except in the event of a flood.
That seems to be the direction things are going--Sam passed Seth up and seems to wake up taller every day. So, I was ready to find a new home for the suits.

As I tossed them onto the chair, I saw something peeking out of the inside jacket pocket.
It was Elder Gale's last planning book. Filled with Hmong names and appointments and some funny drawings. Also in the pocket was the flight information and boarding pass for his trip home.
So I checked the other pockets and found 
his name tag, 
where he had tucked it away after his official release from missionary service.
I'm glad I discovered that missionary suit jacket time capsule before I sent it off to its next life.


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