Of Good Report

In between the packing and the coming and the going and the cleaning and the organinzing, I have been trying to sneak in time to read this book:

I highly recommend it.
 Though, be fair warned--it is not the sort of book you want to read in the dentist's office if you are a cryer like me. I had to keep dabbing my eyes and pretending to have allergies (achoo! sniffle sniffle) to disguise my bawling over some very touching experiences shared by some amazing, insightful women.


Taylor Morgan said…
I have been looking for a new book :)

love from nyc,

Melanie said…
This looks like a great one. Thanks for the recommendation!

Thanks for your posts lately. These days, I often read blogs on my phone while nursing. I try to leave a comment, but my phone doesn't seem to interface well with blogger (usually after I've typed a long comment!) When I finally sit down at the computer I don't usually take the time or remember to comment.

Please know that for every comment in writing, there are 5 or 6 I wrote in my head or on my phone.

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