It's day three on this deserted island:

The last POD carrying the last of our belongings was hauled away on Monday. Here we are, abandoned to the mercies of a harsh real estate and financial climate. Our buyers want to buy, we of course want to sell. But we are all battling the hurricanes of red tape that California is known for. What can you do when you are in a state where the governor thought the debt was 9 billion one month and then realized it was actually 16 billion a few months later? Reason and good sense do not dwell here in the government. And that seems to have filtered down to the other bureaucracies.  So, we are doing our best to wait out the storms, and 
survive until that rescue boat arrives. 
In the meantime, we have our trusty dog Friday (or "Wilson" if you prefer the more modern version)
Defending us against the indigenous critters: 

I will fill you in on our adventures:
Making a radio out of coconuts!


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