Getting to Know our New Town

So, we moved to a new town called...
But new in this case is relative. The church you see there was built in 1720.
Back when the town really was new. The town was founded in 1709.

This is another very old church right across the street.

Here you see our two daughters and adorable grandson
gazing upon the local library.
Which is also a museum.
We loved this cool old bike.
And really love this quote posted near it.

This is the Newtown Historical Society.
Appropriately housed in a very old house.
I will have to go take the tour to find out just how old.
We took a little stroll along main street  and enjoyed the beautiful old homes.

I really love the detail of this fence and mailbox.
We enjoyed a delicious lunch at the General Store.

Then we headed back home.. enjoy more entertainment courtesy of 
this little guy.


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