The Truthist Has a Birthday

My baby turned 14!
Hard to believe our youngest child is old enough to go to church dances.
And as he told me when I asked him if he would be going to
a dance any time soon:
"Well, I've got some pretty amazing moves."

He was not happy about being dragged across the country
to begin again in a new place.
But Sam talked him into a Costco cake (the frosting in those balloons!? gag!)
and he was happy to have his family sing to him and blow out the candles.

He got a really awesome Bear Grylls survival knife a while back at the REI sale.
He promised it would be an early birthday present and he would be sooooo happy 
and he would remember that he already got his birthday present.
But of course he forgot and broadcast to the world on fb that he 
got nothing for his birthday.
He also got some snazzy new clothes and he told me I should not
say snazzy so of course I had to put it in a blog post about him.
He  then informed me that "Clothes don't count as birthday presents."

Happy Birthday Shane.

Special note to Shane:
Clothes do count.
Especially snazzy ones.


Nicole said…
Hahah so funny! Clothes count in my book!!

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