We enjoyed several weeks here with the always adorable Gale Sisters: the next generation.

Nicole and Bailey and Norah hung out with us here while their house in Texas was packed up and the new place closed. It is always a joy to have the energy and enthusiasm of those two little girls. And their Mama is pretty awesome too--we enjoyed a lot of girl time which was nice for me.
 What with me being all outnumbered around here nowadays. 
Even the dog is a boy.

 There is a fine line between sweet, happy togetherness and "she's all up in my space" togetherness. These two cross that line from time to time--but the sweet happy stuff is SOOO adorable.
On this morning, Bailey decided it was Norah's Birthday and she wanted to make her a cake.

So she made it out of Norah's breakfast of blueberries and yogurt.

This is a pictorial of Bailey mopping the floor...

she is a hard worker.
She was really serious about getting the floor clean...

even though the mop is taller than she is.

She was also a happy helper putting the silverware away:

Norah was a natural alpha with Gunner (I don't have any pictures of her with him--I was usually hanging out with Bailey while Norah was sleeping in in the morning or napping)
She would follow him around and say:
"Hey Gunna! Hey boy!"
and then hold her arms out and say
"Gimme a hug."
We still say "Hey Gunna! Hey Boy!" at least a dozen times a day to him.

Bailey was a little more wary of the dog. She did warm up to him eventually and he basked in the glory of the many chocolate Cheerios she tossed his way. She was always very careful to stay up higher than the dog with her arms and legs out of reach.
She is a wisely cautious little girl.

Bailey loved to help with the cooking. We had a lot of fun together in the kitchen.

Bailey's imagination is another source of entertainment. She came with her Cinderella doll and I found her a pioneer Barbie in a box of Aunt Siara and Shanna's old Barbies.Yes, there were pioneer Barbies. They were in a sale bin at Fred Meyer years ago. 
Clearly I was the only mom who was excited to find a modestly dressed Barbie. 
They were not a big seller.
 Bailey called her Apple Girl and she and Cinderella had many adventures along with the other odd Barbie we dug out of the box of toy relics. 

This is Cinderella getting a check-up. Bailey put the stethoscope around her waist instead of in her ears.

All tuckered out after a walk. Norah was asleep on the other side 
but she was up running around by the time I got the camera.

I got to do Bailey's bedtime routine with her each night. We would agree on the number of books that would be read on the couch and then up in bed. She reminds me of her Dad--a shrewd negotiator. One night I told her we had read the allotted number of books and she should go to sleep.
She asked if she could just look at a book. That seemed reasonable. Pretty soon she was saying, "What is this word Nana?" and I would tell her. And then another word and another until I realized we had read the whole book.
 But when she snuggled up and said
 "Nana I feel so comfortable because I love you so much!"
I was willing to read her a hundred books.

We enjoyed our time with those precious granddaughters. And now they live close enough that we will get more of those good times. 

And there is another sweet girl on the way. 
She will be joining her sisters around Christmastime.


Anna said…
Those girls are so beautiful!

What a blessing to have all your grandbabies on the east coast with you!

ps. I remember playing with Shanna and Siara's barbies! Glad to hear they are being put to good use.
Child Family said…
Poor Scott! All Girls..that is funny! Scott and his family are all so cute:)

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