Wait! Is August Over Already?

Gentle Reader,
So, here we are on the other side of the continent. We moved from sea to shining sea. A few weeks ago I went to a tag sale--that's what they call garage sales here--not far from where we live. I thought it would be  a good way to get to know some people in the neighborhood. It's lovely that every home is surrounded by a few acres of yard, but it makes it difficult to chat with your neighbors when you are all separated by rolling lawns and forests. The couple at the tag sale were very friendly--they told me they had grown up in Connecticut. Everyone I talk to is amazed that we would trade sunny California for what will soon be frigid Connecticut. I told her we had lived in the Pacific Northwest for many years and we were used to a cooler climate--though snow would be a new experience. I told her I was looking forward to Fall and the change of seasons.  "You have lived in some of the most beautiful places on earth! How lucky you are! I am sure you will just continue to live a very blessed life!" my new neighbor gushed. I had heard that New Englanders are a bit reserved--she certainly shattered that stereotype.
I am not going to argue with her conclusion...
Some of the local flora in our back yard

This flowering Butterfly Bush in our front yard certainly lives up to its name!

Every day when I walk past it to get the mail, dozens of pretty butterflies are flitting around it.

Gunner has adapted to his new environment--he traded in crushed granite for grass.

Here's a favorite spot down the road from us

A place to get amazing ice cream and enjoy it whilst gazing out at the cows

We stopped by for a Back to School treat

Shane doesn't like his picture taken so this will have to suffice

We are preparing for the chilly winters here with a woodstove to keep us cozy.

 I finally got my dream come true library in this house.
And I finally got all of the books on the shelves.
Another preparation for a cozy winter.

P.S. I got the wicker-bottom chairs at my friendly neighbor's garage--I mean TAG--sale:

They are the perfect addition to round out the seating at our craigslist table.


Anna said…
You have a library?! How wonderful!!!
KAT said…
I love, love, LOVE fall in New England! We have family all over there and have spent a lot of time in that area. Enjoy it! I am envious from afar!
Laura Lynn said…
Love the library! Autumn in Connecticut is the best!! Winter...well that's another story. People said the same thing when we left Hilton Head for PA, "why?!" but I do love the seasons!

Maybe we'll stop and say hi if we're up there. I've been wanting to take the kids to Mystic and get clam fritters.
mamagale said…
Yes! Do stop by if you are ever out this way!

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