Back to the City

Another meeting brought me back to the city. This time it was a morning appointment so I had some time during daylight hours to do a little wandering afterwards. This was one week after Superstorm Sandy. The trains and subways in midtown Manhattan were all up and running and things were pretty much back to normal.

Things are moving forward with this new opportunity. I am looking forward to this  adventure and will
fill you in when I can.

 But in the meantime enjoy some interesting sights I saw as I was looking for the Red Cross blood sucking site. Donations were way down after the storm and I wanted to do something to help.

Bright, eye-catching sculpture in the middle of 5th Avenue:

Quirky art:

Look at this little oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle:

I stood and stared at each of these frescoes--so detailed

Oh, the MOMA. So modern. So artsy.


This Art Deco subway post--sublime:

I made my way back to Grand Central Station for the train home.
I love the beautiful craftsmanship of that place. Something new
catches my eye each time I am there.


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