Life Lately

A beautiful storm gave us eight and a half inches of snow:

So of course the boys had to get outside and enjoy it:

Shane's fancy hat:

Scott traveled around Europe and then came here for his Birthday:
(He was in Paris that morning and New York City that afternoon)

Bailey helped me make the cupcakes:

Bailey and I did a lot of crafting whilst she was here:

She wanted a box for her Daddy's birthday present, so we
watched a youtube video and learned to make origami boxes:

Then we (meaning I) made many, many boxes.
Those lovely presents hold cute little notes and drawings as
well as some erasers and rubber bands that Bailey found
in the craft room drawers. Look at that face--I would gladly
fold boxes all day with that little girl.

Bailey playing "copy-cat":

She made her headband out of a rubber band and some curling ribbon.
Love that pose!

One evening, we sent Scott and Nicole on a date and the girls hung out with us.
Bailey decided we were going to have a masquerade ball so she put on
Norah's dress and Norah put on her sparkly shoes and they danced
around the living room. 

Mmmm Thanksgiving Dinner:

We prepare and plan and cook for days and it's all over
in about an hour:

Some post-Thanksgiving story time with Uncle Sam:

Dad's birthday was on Thanksgiving this year so we feted him
with a big feast and then later we sang to him and he blew out
candles on his delicious Ferris Acres Ice Cream Pie.
I think Sam is thinking of a really good wish for his Dad.

After the holiday and hubbub were over and Scott and his family had 
headed for home, I found this little tea party set up in the living room.
Good times.


Anna said…
That chandelier is so fancy!

What a cute surprise to find (tea party).

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