Haul Out The Holly

We have caught the Christmas spirit around these parts--
some snow and mistletoe
and cozy evenings by the fire.
Last week for Family Home Evening,
Sam serenaded us on the piano as we decorated the tree.

It turned out quite lovely.
No need to mention the jostling for position whilst hanging ornaments.
Or the teasing and protesting
as brothers mocked one anothers' early childhood craft skills
while digging out bits of glittered felt and puff-painted
popsicle sticks. 

For me, unpacking the tree ornaments is a walk down memory lane.
I always try to find an ornament to bring home from our trips.
I like to tuck them away and then bring them out each Christmas and 
remember the good times we had in various places around the world.

This one (scroll to the bottom of the linked post to find it) reminds me of some amazing people in
one very sunny corner of the world:

This was a fun Relief Society Homemaking project in
the dear old Camas Ward:

The lovely and talented Kim dreamed these up and then sewed
them all for our Relief Society Christmas party a few years back
(my how time flies! I was going to say last year--but it wasn't!)

I got this while  we were traveling through Germany and Austria--
It came from a cute little shop in the Black Forest:

My Siara brought this to me after her time
studying abroad in Paris:

This Jumping Jack came from Italy...

...as did this cute Pinocchio 

A Delft ornament to remember

Warm, tropical Hawaii sounds 
good about now:

Shayla was our adorable baby travel
companion on the cruise that took us
to St. Thomas and other ports of call

This was from the family cruise...
Rastafarian Santa, classic

I won't bore you with every ornament from around the world--
Oh! Wait! I already did.

But let's wrap it up with some closer to home...

A Yellowstone moose from sweet Shanna:

From the Pendleton Woolen Mills outlet in

An intrepid survivor from the first ornaments
we purchased as a newly married couple--
back in our trailer house  mobile home days

I cross-stitched and sewed these back when Scott
was a baby--we didn't even have a tree that year
but I had high hopes for the future!


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