Good Friday

Meet the newest member of the Gale family:
Miriam JoAnn
8 lbs. 3 oz.

Born in a birthing center with the
gentle attendance of midwives.

When Shanna called to tell me she was in labor, I jumped in my car and started driving.
I drove through eight states and through the night and through some
snarly traffic jams until I got to the birthing center.
Just a few minutes after Miriam made her grand entrance into the world.
Which was just a few minutes after midnight.
Which was Good Friday.
A very good Friday. 
I hurried to wash my hands and held that sweet little granddaughter. 
She was calm and alert and quietly looked around.

After her inspection, she was pronounced perfect and she nursed and fell asleep.
So we all decided to take a little nap. The midwife pulled out a couch bed for me, and 
everyone else settled in for a snooze. That little baby slept for so long we all crashed until the sun came up.

We bundled up that little bundle of joy and took her home to meet her big brother.
Who had spent the night in the care of his Keaton grandparents.

He said "Hi baby sister!"

Miss Miriam showing us some graceful ballerina moves.
(Isn't a baby stretching just the cutest!?)

Getting to know Aunt Siara

On her blessing day, I dressed Miriam in the blessing gown that I made for 
her mama when she was my little baby girl.

Mother and Daughter

Mason wasn't pleased with all the picture taking...

...but he warmed up to it a little later!

Welcome to the family, little one.


pcnerdy said…
YAY! Congratulations. :)

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