Going Back in Time

Today we are going to take a magical journey back in time. We will pretend that all of these posts were completed and rolled out whilst the events were still current. We will also try to accomplish this in spite of the keyboard glitches I discovered after I left my laptop with those two hooligans I call sons during my trip to welcome a new grandbaby. It is an interesting challenge to type with a sticky "h" and a persnickety "backspace" key. Nevertheless, I shall persevere.

An Anniversary of Epic Proportions
Well, that may be a little over-exaggerated, but it was the 30 year mark so that is certainly an
accomplishment worth celebrating. We enjoyed a week-end trip into New York City and took in
a couple of Broadway shows. Andy took Friday off so we had some extra time to spend in Times Square in the ticket line. We got our Wicked tickets in advance but we decided to try our luck for same day tickets to an extra show--just for fun.

We agreed on Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark
The aerial acrobatics were amazing, the music was loud and the costumes and set very
"comic book"--bright, bold and colorful. Entertaining but not my vision of a musical.
But then, I am old so what do I know?

We enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner~thanks to a great recommendation by a 
friend who is a long-time New Yorker. 

The next morning, we enjoyed a lovely brunch at the 
Waldorf Astoria...

It was fancy and delicious.

We walked out into the rain so I had
to take a picture of this:
Because I like irony and juxtaposition and stuff.

We went to the matinee of Wicked.
I think we are just about the last people on earth to see that show.
It pretty much lives up to all the hype. 
I was surprised to find myself tearing up at the end--

--and so did this guy:

We wrapped up our adventure with the tasty fried food at the Carnegie Deli.
And then we headed for home.
just as we have been doing for
the past 30 years.
Heading home together.


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