Long Over-due Update

Gentle Reader,
Hello, it's been awhile. Life has been on fast forward here and the blog has been at the bottom of the "To Do" list. But things have settled for the moment so let me catch up a bit.

First, my camera went on a mission. Shayla has always liked my camera--mostly because it's red and we both love things that come in red. (I just realized that I regularly dressed her in red when she was a little girl--perhaps my color preference spilled over to her through her wardrobe. Hmmmm)
Case in point....

Anyway--she also likes its many features which are sorely underutilized by her mom.  So, I sent it with her to record her adventures on the mission. I haven't replaced it yet and in the meantime I have been using my phone to record the daily Gale Adventures. But, being technically challenged as I am, I haven't transferred the pictures from phone to laptop yet. So, reason number one for the lapse. 

Here are some pictures taken with that pretty red camera before it went off on a mission--
so I can do some catching up with those for now...

We said good-bye to Sam and sent him off to college.
(That event will get its own post--it's one of those half-finished ones hanging out in my archives) 


Shanna came to visit and we went apple picking.

Mason was a dedicated apple picker

He worked hard to fill that bag

Sweet Miriam was her usual adorable self--she gets that from her Mama.

It was fun to hang out with Shayla before she left 

So there's a partial catch-up--
to be continued...


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