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Sam at Philmont Scout Ranch--taking a higher view

I have been working on the "Getting Sam Off to College" post since I got back from Utah...oh you know.... last August. I titled it "Mom's Magical, Mystical Tour" because of all the serendipitous things that happened with that trip. I may still get that one out just for fun. In the meantime I have been doing some online Leadership Education Mentor training and my assignments have been taking up my spare time.

So, in the process of writing papers and etc., I came across the little piece I wrote for our
 Stake Senior Recognition last June.
 I think it sums up some of my thoughts and feelings 
as I sent Sam out into the big wide world by way of BYU:

Our Sam.
Yorktown, NY Stake Senior recognition June 9, 2013
Sam was born 7th in our family—and second to the last.
He didn't  get the memo that he was supposed to take the bossing of older siblings—he had a mind of his own and was often the one leading out in group plans and projects at home. By the time #7 came along, the rotation for turns to be voice for the family prayers was a little long. Sam wasn't happy with this arrangement. When he was two years old, he felt that he should get to say the prayer every time. Even if it was someone else's turn, he would pray along with them. I indulged him and didn't stop him--figuring it was a good thing that he wanted to pray. Well, this was fine as long as we were at home--but then there was church.
 I literally had to hold onto him to keep him from bolting to the front while yelling "My turn for prayer! I want to say it!" His determination to pray was definitely admirable.
 He’s had an uncommon common sense all through what can be difficult growing up years. He has been an influence for good for those around him—his natural leadership ability and easy-going friendliness have helped him to get along in a variety of situations including being uprooted twice in a short period of time. Sam has found success in anything he tries—because he is willing to try and humble enough to pay the price to learn. He didn't love playing the piano but he stuck with it and paid the price in practice to improve and turn it into something he now enjoys. He’s not afraid to take on challenges and has had some amazing adventures in the great outdoors through Scouting--always leading the way and cheerfully encouraging those who wanted to give up.  Sam has stayed true to himself and has paid the price to know for himself that the gospel is true. He is starting BYU this fall a year early because of his hard work and study. He made the decision so he would have a year on his own and religion classes to help him prepare for his mission when he is 18 next year. He has been  fulfilling the requirements for Duty to God from the time he was a Deacon and will now speed up his efforts to finish the last of the Priest requirements a year ahead of schedule to accomplish this last act of obedience as a youth. We truly feel blessed to have Sam in our family and he has been a joy to raise—which makes it harder to let him go. But we know he goes with faith and a strong testimony. And hopefully in my efforts to teach him to take turns and be reverent, I didn't squelch his desire to pray—because that determination will serve him well all of his life. We love you Sam!

So, off he goes to conquer new heights

We do love you Sam--don't forget to say your prayers.


Anna said…
Sam was always so sweet and adorable. One of my very favorites.

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