In Which Shayla Goes on a Mission

Just a really cute baby June with her PopPop on the Sunday morning that 
Shayla gave her farewell address in the Newtown Ward.

Miss Norah turned three the day before and blew out her candles. 
She plugged her ears as we sang "Happy Birthday"--can't say as I blame her.

Shayla and her fan club:
Bailey, Mason and Norah

The whole next generation of Gale posterity on one couch.
This is the only picture out of many that didn't have at least one child in motion and blurry.
Oh, but aren't they adorable?!

And off she goes to serve a mission. 
We were held up by traffic on the way to the airport and she had to hurry to make her flight.
 We had most of the summer to say good-bye but the final send-off was short and quick.
There were tears and smiles and hugs.
Our Sister Gale will be a wonderful missionary. 
Her loving heart and obedient spirit will serve her well as she serves the Lord.


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