News From the Field

An older but fun picture of Sister Gale at the MTC

Time for an update on our favorite missionary. She has been in the field now for two months. Her mission was recently chosen to be a part of the church's new expansion into social media and technology to hasten the work of salvation. Her mission president asked Shayla and her companion to be a part of a team of four to roll out the new program in their mission. The fact that they are both engineering majors might have had something to do with that decision. They were sent out with two elders to travel the mission and teach all of the missionaries how to use their new ipad minis. Then, they spend their evenings serving as "Tech Support" taking phone calls and answering questions. Last Friday, she and her companion met with the mission president and his wife, the mission assistants and the other two Tech Missionaries to put together the plan for using Facebook and the ipad more effectively. This week they will attend the Missionary Council and then teach at zone conferences next week.
 Anyone who knows Shayla  knows she is in her element. 
She was definitely prepared for this new era of missionary work! 

Sister Gale and her companion with the two Sister Trainer Leaders (girl version of APs)


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