A Conversation Via Text

Shanna: Can I get Great-Grandmother's fudge recipe? I'm feeling brave today.

Me: We be school today. Sorry I just saw this.

Me: I just noticed I said "we be school today" yes, I'm a homeschooling hillbilly.

Shanna: Hahaha I got the gist of your message.
             I speak yo language.

Me: I'm out running errands I'll email you the recipe when I get home.
        If you are still feeling brave :)

Shanna: I got Shayla some earmuffs at Target. Should I get a pair for her
             companion too? I don't want anyone feeling left out of having
              ear muffs.
             Miffed over muffs, if you will.

I needed a good laugh and that just hit the spot.


Shanna Keaton said…
haha!! I just saw this--I'm so honored to make it into your conversation replays on the blog.

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