We Need a Little Christmas

I've been working on a project or two around these parts which has led me
into the Gale Family Archives. 
I get lost in the funny, cute, sweet, precious memories of
those amazing kids we were blessed with. 
I thought my projects would lead to Christmas
gifts but it looks they will be maybe for Birthdays.
Luckily the birthdays are spread out over the year so
I may just pull it off.

In the meantime....
Enjoy these blasts from Christmas Past:

Matching Jammies!

Siara showing our gingerbread (ok graham cracker) house tradition.

Christmas Eve Classic--Jammies for everyone except
Scott who preferred sweats and his awesome Blazer ensemble.

Joy School Christmas Pageant!
It was Seth's group but Spencer wanted to join in the fun....
so he threw on a pillow case and became a shepherd.

Bethany, Heather and Morgan-some familiar friends from the old Camas Ward.

California Christmas--the boys in their jamjams

This picture just cracks me up. 

Our Awesome Family Picture--perfect for our Christmas Card...
...except for Scott's lovely flower hat. 

The traditional Gale Family Nativity on Christmas Eve
got livened up when Seth decided to be Caesar Augustus.

Baby Shanna--
Not lovin' the Camas Ward Santa

A fun Cabin Christmas from a few years ago.


Anna said…
Your girls in the first picture is always how I remember Siara and Shanna.
Melanie said…
Aww! I love the old pictures! I have been going through ours and I understand how easy it is to get lost among the memories.

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