Road Trip

After the Christmas holiday was over, I had a hankerin to see our southern kin. So I jumped in the car and drove south for eleven hours. I actually enjoy driving the Eastern highways and byways. The trick is to go in the "off-season" (dead of winter). You just have to pick a window of opportunity between the storms. The main reason Eastern road travel is so civilized is because of lovely rest stops... this one in Virginia:
Click on the picture to take in the loveliness.

You always get a little history as you stretch your legs.
Here I enjoyed some insights on Mt. Vernon and 
The Father of our Country.

They were even handing out these somewhat creepy
 masks of George Washington.
Modeling credits: Mason

Shanna's hubby was in Vegas at the annual Shot Show and she needed someone to
keep her company. I was in need of some girl time--so win/win.
I had  a good time with my favorite train engineer.

Who also happens to be a race car diver!

Don't worry, it was a pretend injury.

Shanna and I had a great time with Mason and Miriam at a local Children's Museum.

A perfect place for a busy toddler and active preschooler
to get out some energy.

Sweet Miriam thought she found a cute little friend...

"Hey! Let's play!"

"Look! Matching outfits!"

Awww good times.
 I had to beat the weather back across the eight states between 
here and there. I got home just as the snow started falling.


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