The Mail Box Saga Comes to an End

Oh! The sad tale of our poor mail box! 'Twas a baffling mystery that sorely plagued and annoyed us lo these many months since we have lived here. It was so odd that only our mail box was getting knocked to the ground at every turn. I stood on our curb and scanned the mail boxes in both directions each time ours was toppled, and all the others were still standing. Why? What forces were at work to single out our unassuming, dutiful receptacle for bills and junk and the occasional actual letter? It seemed to be connected to the snow and the plowing each time it snowed. Was it too close to the curb? Was there a vindictive snow plow operator who just veered to knock over only our mail box? But to add to the mystery, our poor mail box was found laid low a couple of times when it wasn't even snowy!

We thought maybe our mailbox was too heavy on top without enough support at the bottom.
So Andy bought a new mail box and a sturdy post to go deeper in the ground.

No--that wasn't it.

Finally, I realized our mail box lined up perfectly with our across the street neighbor's 
driveway in a perpendicular way. They had professional snow removal service. Meaning some guy with a scraper attached to the front of his pick-up truck came each time it snowed and scraped their driveway for them. And shoved all of the snow from their driveway up against our mailbox. 

But what about the times that it was knocked over and there had been no snow to plow?
The neighbors had some work done on their driveway that involved a bunch of heavy equipment and several weeks of labor.
Our sad mail box was right in the line of fire for that as well. 

So, taking my own advice of 

"Don't curse the darkness, light a candle."

We solved the problem with a relocation of the mail box.
Shane did the digging and the heavy lifting as Andy was still
recovering from his back trauma.

Three snowstorms later, she is still standing strong.
On the other side of our driveway.


Child Family said…
Why wouldn't the neighbors or the snow plow person come and tell you they knocked it over? I would be so annoyed!
Lisa said…
I'm so glad you moved it!!!

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