Christmas Clearance

One of my late Christmas presents was a new laptop. New technology in the hands of an old person. So far I have managed to get my pictures from my phone onto my new laptop, but I don't have the editing program that I had on my old laptop so my pictures from the new laptop are posted "as-is" and not very satisfactory to my way of thinking. In the meantime, I have been going back and forth between laptops and I found some pictures from Christmas on the old laptop that need to be shared for the sake of history and posterity and etc. etc.

So here is a baker's dozen in Christmas leftovers--hopefully not too far past their freshness date:

The Christmas cover from our cute small-town newspaper...

Uncle Tyler (and the ipad) entertaining the nieces

Adorable little June practicing her walking skills with Nana--
she has since gone pro and runs around like a superstar.

Miss Norah and Miss Bailey opening Christmas gifts

Twas a few days before Christmas and all through the house,
not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
Because Ninja was on duty.

Just a funny picture of Ninja's "Cat From Outer Space" impression

We had three join our family since last Christmas:
One daughter-in-law and two granddaughters.
As per tradition, they all get stockings that match the Gale Family lineup.

The General Store was decked with boughs of holly and
looked very festive. Best sandwiches in the town!

Another festive place in our town:
The gazebo Christmas tree in The Pleasance --a beautiful park on Main Street.

Some Christmas crafting with Nana

Our little chef enjoying one of her Christmas gifts:
real chef tools--while sporting her hand-painted Christmas apron and
PopPop's chef hat!

Sam instagramming The Lumberjack from King's--
our favorite place for a hardy breakfast.

And our mailbox bit the dust one last time. 
We finally solved the mystery and solved the problem.
But that is a post for another day...


Lisa said…
1. I LOVE the Bee's Christmas cover. Magical.
2. Did you embroider those stockings? Holy moly.
3. I always forget about those yummy sandwiches at the general store. Gotta get over there!
4. Your little chef is adorable. The apple cutter too!
5. How have we never heard of King's?! Looks like our kind of place! Must go.
6. Waiting on the edge of my seat to hear about the mailbox. Was it the neighbor's plow guy? :)
Adrianna Gale said…
Love your Christmas post. Wish we could have been there! I am loving the pictures of the girlies! Miss them so much!
mamagale said…
I did not embroider the stockings, Lisa (Lands End did!)But thank you for thinking I might be remotely capable of such craftiness!We should have a ladies lunch at the General Store! You would love King's--it's on South Main kind of across from the Stop N Shop (a little further down). And--you win the prize! Yes it was the neighbor's plow guy--that rascal!

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