Nest Obsessed

Here's what is going on at the moment here in our neck of the woods:

I noticed that this poor, dehydrated plant needed a drink. 
So I grabbed a pitcher and stretched up to pour
some water into it.
As I tipped the pitcher into the plant, a bird flew out!
Then another bird...
I was so stunned I just stood there and tried
to make sense of what would draw a bird to that
sad, droopy hanging plant.

I thought maybe there were some bugs or seeds of some sort in there.
I grabbed a stepladder and climbed up to take a look.

I was amazed to see this beautiful little nest
nestled into the neglected petunia plant.
The "Robin's Egg Blue" of Robins' eggs is
just so beautiful--it makes my heart sing
with joy just looking at those eggs.
I am an unabashed fan of the beauties of the earth and
I am constantly amazed and awed by the 
variety of creation we are privileged to enjoy!

I have been so obsessed with the nest that
I set up a spy station in the garage. 
I can stand on a ladder and see through the window without
disturbing the Robin parents as they keep careful watch over
their little Robin embryos. 
Luckily I missed the eggs when I watered the plant and the birds
came back to their little hanging love nest.

Of course I had to research everything I could find on the life and times of 
the industrious and cheerful Robin:

(This one has recordings of their Dawn Song and their other calls!)

The eggs need 12 to 14 days of incubation before they hatch. Since I had
neglected my petunia plant for so long, I'm not sure when the eggs were laid.
But don't worry, I will be checking regularly from my spy post in the garage for the 
baby Robins' big debut!


Lisa said…
LOL!!! You haven't set up a spy cam? Get on it, woman! What a lovely thing to be happening. A nice distraction. :)

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