How We Spent Our Summer Vacation

Remember when I used to keep a blog? 
 I begin posts
of questionable importance and then I get interrupted 
and they are left to hang out in the archives gathering dust...

Here's one:
We went to Disney World.
This was a long over-due promise kept.
When Shane and Sam were wee young-uns, we planned a family vacation to Disney World.
A few months before, we were at the Oregon coast on a very busy holiday week-end at a very crowded beach and Sam decided to find his own way to the restroom. 
(We had been momentarily distracted by Seth on a beach bike, running
 into a poor, defenseless elderly lady.) 
Sam, being the independent three-year-old that he was, didn't feel any need to ask for adult supervision to negotiate the crowd and made his way alone to the bathrooms far, far away.
Just as I was in full hysteria and Andy had recruited the life-guard to help us look for him, Sam came sauntering nonchalantly across the sand..
That was the moment I realized I could not handle eight children in a crowded amusement park.
But six seemed doable.
So, for their safety and my sanity, we got an awesome babysitter to spend the week with the little boys. And we  promised  we would take them when they were a little older. 

So, fifteen years later, promise fulfilled.


Anywho, we tagged along with Scott, Nicole and those adorable little granddaughters.
We enjoyed all of the Disney fun in varying groups and worked the Fastpass system with
great precision thanks to the Gale Force Logic Team.

The little girls did the Princess Tour

I think my princesses are pretty sweet!

It was a real Princess Palooza! 

Their Daddy was cast in the role of Palace Guard during
 the theatrical performance of
Enchanted Tales With Belle--
he was a good sport and quite the actor:

And Bailey had a starring role as Belle's father.
She gave a stunning performance--shivering in prison.

Sam and Shane's childhood Dream-come-true
(If you wish upon a star...makes no difference who you are!)
Getting a hug from Tigger!

And we conclude this post with a cute picture of the ever-adorable
Sitting in a Dinosaur Restaurant.
In Disney World.
With a dinosaur hat on her head.
Good times.


Myreel said…
we agree that being grandparents is the best! Loved all of the pictures and love your family hugs from the linton s in Dallas

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