Another Vacation Highlight

During our week of Disney, I spent a fun day with our granddaughters chilling at the hotel.
I wanted to give their parents a day to play child-free.

We did the laundry and you know, riding in the elevator,
putting quarters in the washer and dryer and 
watching the clothes spin around
proved to be great fun!

I enjoyed the air conditioned comfort and the girls enjoyed
hotel furniture gymnastics.

We went down to the pool grill for lunch and enjoyed some
On Site

(This made me a little crazy--you know how I am about grammar and spelling)
Technically, it was On Site Dinning when 
baby June wanted a drink of Norah's smoothie,
there was some very loud protesting...
And then Norah kindly shared with her by accidentally dumping it in her lap.
But, since we were just an elevator ride away from a bathtub,
not a problem!

After naptime and an afternoon snack, we met up with the rest of our gang for dinner. 
The next morning when Nicole got the girls up for another day of The Magic Kingdom,
 she told me they asked,
 "Can we stay here with Nana again? That was fun!"

So when it comes to entertainment, Nana's right up there with Disney.


Melanie said…
I think I need you to be my grandma mentor Joanna. I am definitely taking notes! Here's what I have so far.

1. Nana knows how to make everything fun!

2. Nana keeps her cool during dining and dinning.

3. Nana uses naps and snacks strategically.

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