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Celebrating Our Siara

Some fun girl time in North Carolina!
Today is Siara's birthday! I am so blessed to be the mother to some really amazing people. Each came with their own unique personalities and talents and qualities. I have loved every stage of their lives but I feel like the real reward for motherhood is moving into the friendship stage with them when they become adults. 
So here are some Birthday thoughts (and awesome childhood pictures!) of my daughter who is also my dear friend... Some birthday posts for Siara's past birthdays: click on this and this and go here.
If you are still interested, here is the story of the day of her birth.
And, the frosting on the cake--a  funny story about our spunky gal.

Grow old along with me...

...the best is yet to be.

We celebrated the 32 year anniversary of the Andrew and JoAnna Gale Covenant Commitment and Marriage for Time and All Eternity a few weeks ago. The hubs flew out here to the  frozen East Coast for Valentine's Day and then I flew out to the West Coast for an Anniversary Rendezvous in sunny California for an early celebration of our special day.

According to a helpful website the traditional gift for the 32 year anniversary is "Conveyances" and "Lapis"...
"For instance, if a couple is celebrating 32 years of marriage, one of the traditional gifts to present for this occasion is a lapis -- a semi-precious stone that boasts a deep blue shade. Other traditional gifts for a 32nd anniversary include modes of transportation." 
Then they go on to give gift suggestions for the husband:
"To honor your 32nd wedding anniversary with a gift of conveyance, surprise your wife with a new car. Choose an automobile in her favorite color, and …

The View From My Window

It is Spring but I guess Mother Nature didn't get the memo...

No Winter lasts forever, No Spring skips its turn. April is a promise, That May is bound to keep.
I'm going to keep that in mind while I am shoveling snow today.

Mission Birthday

One of our missionaries celebrates a birthday today: Elder Gale turns 19! Here he is with his current companion and a young man they recently prepared for baptism:

And here they are at the Los Angeles Temple last week: 
These two remind me of Elder Kessler and Elder Green  from Saturday's Warrior...
In his email this week, he told us about a new exhibit at the visitor's center there at the LA Temple. It is all about missionary work and they have all the name tags of the missionaries currently serving in the area.

Here is an experience he shared this week as well: "We got  a phone call from Julio saying that he was taking us out to eat, and that he was there! We got ready super fast and went out to Pollo Inka with him, a Peruvian restaurant. It was such a cool dinner. Julio was telling us about how he heard stories of missionaries who would go to poor members' homes in Guatemala (where he's from) and give everything they had to the missionaries and not eat themselves…