Birthday Boy!

Happy Birthday Seth!
Today we celebrate our "Middle Child". 
 Actually, I purposely had an even number of children so no one could claim to be the middle child.
 But Seth happens to be the middle boy.
 Born smack dab in the middle of the five brothers Gale. 
There was hardly a dull moment from the moment he was born.
Born with a head of thick dark hair (you can see his birth story here) and a bright, cheerful, adventurous spirit!
So much energy packed into one little boy!

He was relentless when he got an idea and wanted to create/build something. 
Our yard was his flight experiment lab and the neighbors were patient
with the many rockets and various balloons that flew out of our air space. He  learned to fly and eventually flew way out of our air space!

His love of the outdoors began at an early age with many nights camping under the stars in our back yard. He dreamed up fun adventures with his siblings and built forts and a tepee out there to feed their imagination. He went on to many Scouting adventures and hiked over fifty miles (fifty-FOUR miles to be exact!) along the Olympic Peninsula. And became an Eagle Scout. 

Reading wasn't his favorite but he was always up for listening to a good story and built an astonishing vocabulary with his good memory. We spent many pleasant evenings reading and discussing the scriptures as a family and delved into the deeper questions of life with Spencer and Seth often leading the discussions. I learned to check his pants pockets before washing and often found bits and pieces of his projects along with the odd rocket engine or firecracker. But one time I found his carefully written notes on string theory. He has a great mind for memorization and amazed us all with his 
command of Shakespeare passages. He was amazed to find out that his Shakespeare skills were actually needed one time in the grocery store for someone's video project. 

"To be or not to be, that is the question..."

He met his match, the talented and amazing, Taylor Marie, while we were living in California and here you see them at the San Diego temple on their wedding day: 

It makes my Mother Heart happy to see the love they have for each other and the precious family they are building with their sweet baby Mabel.

Here he is with their bright, cheerful adventurer with her
own head of thick dark hair:

Happy Birthday, Son! Now the adventure really begins!


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