It's Birthday Time for Shane

This cutie is celebrating a Birthday today!

The baby of the family is turning 17!

We had cake and ice cream Sunday while Dad was here and the missionaries were over to join in--we need some extras around here now that we are down to the last of the Mohicans.

Here are some places to look at cute pictures and to read about  our Shane.

When he was a little preschooler, we had a lot of time together when the older seven were all in school. That was our warm up for this phase of life.

Here is Baby Shane with Big Brother Scott:

 Back then, we played a game called "I Love You More Than..."
I would say, "I love you more than all of the stars in the sky." and he would try to beat that with
"I love you more than all the sand on the beach."
We would go back and forth until he declared himself the winner and ran off to play. One morning when we were snuggled up together he came up with "I love you more than all of the pyramids in ancient Egypt!" It was hard to top that one for creativity.

The toughest thing about being Shane right now is being the last one at home. The other siblings think it would have been fun to try out being an "only child" for awhile, but Shane claims it's not all it's cracked up to be. 
Here's a little gem from the back of my journal:
"Shane was having a melt-down because I wouldn't let him have something that belonged to one of the older kids. As he kicked and yelled on the floor, I said
 'Shane, you don't always get everything you want.'
 He wailed back, 'YES... I.... DO!!!!"

Well Shane, I guess you know by now that you don't get everything you want--otherwise you would have a few more siblings so you wouldn't have to be the baby.
I'm sorry that didn't work out the way you wanted.
But hey! We can play a fun round of "I Love You More Than"!

Bonus Pictures:
His scrapbook page from a Father's Day gift we made for Dad many years ago.

Sleeping in a Russian Dance pose in his beloved car bed.

Happy Birthday Shane!
I love you more than all of the pyramids in ancient Egypt!
(I know, I totally copied you. I just can't top that!)


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