Dinner Conversation

Last night we were having a "School Has Started Family Dinner"-- wherein we gather 'round the table at a reasonable hour and share a hearty repast seasoned with plenty of witty banter (and in the interest of full disclosure: plenty of brother/sister mockery and even some rude behavior--which I promise I try to keep to a minimum!)
Shayla: In Jessica's science class they have to memorize the WHOLE Periodic Table!
All: {Exclamations of shock}
Mom: Oh, I had to memorize the Periodic Table when I was in school. I can't believe how many elements have been discovered since then! Of course back in my day we only had the three: water, earth and fire.
All: {Lots of laughing}
Shane: What about the wind?
Mom: We didn't believe in wind because we couldn't see it. And of course FIRE was a recent discovery at the time.


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