Hidden Treasure

Come with me on a journey of mystery and intrigue. To a world of hidden cupboards and trapdoors. Come with me to a place we call: THE PANTRY!

You see here an ordinary looking cabin pantry. Some cupboards, some canned corn, some Campbell's soup. But what lurks beneath?
AH HA! A trapdoor!

Hmmm....what is this? The proverbial "rats nest"! The cabin's resident vermin found a cozy spot for their home--hidden away in the secret cupboard.

Here they kept their secret stash of peanuts.

Apparently, the mice were guarding the hidden safe! (The mouse you see died of natural causes--I think.) I vacuumed everything with the shop vac and I could see something back there and it made a loud clunking sound as it went up the hose but I didn't realize it was a dead mouse until I looked at the pictures later--ick. Let's assume he died in the line of duty: working the night shift on guard duty.

So, there ends our story-- BUT WAIT! you exclaim...what is in the safe? Diamonds? Gold? Old Pokemon cards? Alas--that will remain a mystery because Dad threw away the bulliten board that held the key to the treasure: the combination to the safe was on a ratty-looking old card that was pinned to the board that was behind the door in the laundry room. It went to the dump and along with it our means of opening the safe. If this were The Boxcar Children or Trixie Belden, it would have ended with the children finding a fortune in treasure which they would donate to the local a. Old Folks Home, b. Homeless Shelter or c. Orphanage but all we got was a bunch of peanuts. I guess we'll donate them to the garbage.

DISCLAIMER: No animals were harmed in the making of this blog. The mouse that got sucked up in the vacuum was already dead (sucks to be him!).


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