Newsletter: Month 264

Dear Shanna,
Today you are 264 months old. Wow! You are growing up so fast! It seems like it was just yesterday I was in labor--waiting for you to come into the world. That was a Conference Saturday too. Your October Birthday has always been a fun celebration of Fall, Halloween and Shanna. A Jack-O-Lantern cake from Safeway and a Barbie and life is good. We love to laugh about the funny highlights of your life: eating a slug, eating too much orange frosting and candy corn at the Joy School Halloween party and barfing down my shirt. ("What's the matter Nunny?" "My tummy hur....BLEAHHHHH" "OK time to go". Stomping your foot and clenching your fists when you got mad...
I think of your early teen-age years as the "SPARKLE" era. Everything involved glitter and I could never get it all cleaned up. Glitter on the t-shirts, glitter on the spirit pants, glitter on the posters, glitter on the knick-knacks you made for your friends--not to mention the sparkly lip-gloss and eyeshadow!

You are a beloved sister--loved those brothers even when you swore you wouldn't. You and Siara were almost like twins--you did everything together. I know it hasn't been easy to be part of a big, crazy family--but you have made the best of it.

On your baptism day, dressed in white. Sweet and pure and full of faith. Our family was balanced--temporarily: three girls, three boys.

I feel so blessed to have your sunny smile in my life-- it reflects the light in your soul and warms everyone around you.

This was the year we had to let you go in a way. Share you with Austin. It's a good thing he's such a good guy. It makes me happy to see you happy in this next stage of your life. Make a wish and blow out the candles, have some cake (maybe there will be a pumpkin one at Safeway). And know that you are loved.


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