I've Turned Into One of THOSE Grandmas

This is a Christmas gift from Scott and Nicole...The frame is so cute and the amazing thing is, they managed to take a picture of me with Bailey and get it in the frame and wrapped in the few days they were here before Christmas. I thought Scott must have printed it on our computer but he got out one day with Andy between all the snowstorms and got it done at Fred Meyer!
It's the perfect gift for grandparents--we can't have too many pictures of our little darling.
Scott called the other day and as we were talking he walked into Bailey's room and she was jabbering away in her crib. It was so sweet to hear her little voice! Then, Scott asked if I wanted to talk to her. And I said YES! Soon, I was babbling to my granddaughter over the phone. There was a time when I thought such behavior was ridiculous--no sense talking to a two-month-old on the phone. But that was before our amazing granddaughter came into the world. Of course we have important things to say to each other and she's sooo much smarter than the average baby! After I hung up, Sam came into the room and looked at me a little concerned, "Were you talking to Bailey on the phone?"
"Yes, I was--she has an amazing vocabulary--you'd be surprised."
"Sure, Mom"
Bailey, you can call me anytime.


TrodoMcCracken said…
I just have to say: There are six kids in my family and that was crazy enough! Eight would just blow my mind.

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