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Driving Miss Crazy

As a sweet little 5-year-old, I began my schooling career in kindergarten. We had just moved the year before to Blanding, Utah and I had made a few friends in the neighborhood prior to starting school. One was my good friend, Charlie Brown. Yes, that was really his name. Actually it was Charles Brown Junior--his father's name was Charlie Brown as well. The Brown family lived a few blocks away. I loved to play at his house because his dad was an eccentric inventor. This translated into really fun junk to play with and crazy contraptions he built for his kids to play on.

Such as the bicycle swing-set. Three bikes hung from a big pole in a sort of carousel fashion, when you pedaled the bikes, they all swung around the pole in a circle. Inside the house was just as fun because it was in a constant state of remodel. Every time I went over, a wall had been moved or an addition tacked on--it was a sort of Dr. Suess-like atmosphere there all the time. And, as much fun as Charlie, his da…

The Charge of the Light Brigade

Along with all the other adjustments to relocating to a new state, comes the adjustment to the cost of living. People here cheerfully refer to it as the "Sun Tax". Personally, I would like a little less sun and I'll keep some of that money thank you very much. But--here we are. So, the electric bill came the other day sending my guy into a frenzy. He was shocked and appalled at the high price we have to pay to light our way in the dark. He tossed the bill onto the counter and began the war on waste. He blustered up and down the halls looking for any stray light or fan that might be functioning without humans in the vicinity. He took a short break from this frenzy of activity to research the cost of electricity in our last home and do a cost comparison. He was even more distressed to find out that California rates are FOUR TIMES HIGHER! I think he would have been better off not knowing that. As the assault on frivolous electrical use continued, he asked for a schedule of…

The Week That Was

The days are flying by and it seems like one week melds into the next. We barely catch our breath between the days--with seminary starting in the wee hours of the morning and studying going late into the evening and the usual and sometimes unusual shenanigans going on in between. But here's a little glimpse of this past week:Seth discovered a cool way to frost the center of a layer cake. He froze the frosting on foil in the baking pan and then just peeled it off and laid it on there. Move over Martha!

We moved furniture around... make room for new carpet.
It replaces the grubby, dog hair version that was here when we moved in.

We moved more furniture around... scrub the grubby concrete tile floors.

We saw the garden grow out of control in some places...

...and this pumpkin got huger.

I don't understand the big hoopla about zucchini being so easy to grow-- this is my zucchini spot in the garden: barren.

The pumpkin patch: not so barren.

And we wrapped up the week with a visito…

Recent Conversation

After I jokingly posted on facebook that Labor Day was to commemorate moms who have been through labor, Sam thought it was funny and then he asked me about labor. Wondering if it was as bad as it seemed. I told him:
"It's the most difficult thing I've ever done physically, but each time, as soon as I held that baby in my arms it was completely forgotten." Sam replied: "Oh, then it really is alabor of love." Yes son, it truly is.

Oh, Say Can You See

These are just some of the many flags I see as I walk through our neighborhood.

Is it trite to say: "Freedom isn't free"? Ask those whose loved ones have made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. I try not to take that for granted. God Bless America

Just Another Day at the Beach

That's Seth, Shayla and Sam in the surf. Like how I caught the bird in mid-takeoff? Totally accidental.
Gentle Reader,
My apologies for the recent lapse in posts. A little something I call CALIFORNIA RED TAPE has taken over my life. Oh, how California loves its rules and regulations. I had no idea how laid back (and actually, I'm sure California would call it: LAZY) Washington state is. I mean really--they aren't even really trying. A rule here, a suggestion there--but mostly they just leave most things up to the common sense of the sensible people and call it a day. But, just like the sunshine here in California, the bureaucracy is relentless. From what I can tell, its purpose is to take our minds off the fact that we are living in the middle of a disaster nightmare. Just today as we drove to the beach (a short, 20 minute jaunt) I heard on the radio:
Flash floods in Ramona
Mudslide blocks a road to Julian
The biggest fire in LA is 20% contained (this was good news)
8 other fir…