Wherein I Boast Shamelessly About My Adorable Grandchildren

We are now the proud grandparents of two precious little girls! I'm not going to beat around the bush here--it's awesome! I love my kids like nobody's business but they were work--grandchildren are all play. It really is payback time.

I was lucky enough to spend some very happy days with our little Bailey last week. Mama went to the "hopistal" to have "Baby Sister" and Bailey hung out with me at their house. I took her to Costco where they happened to be serving free samples (can you believe it?) of strawberry smoothies. Bailey enjoyed her free sample and sweetly asked for another. Normally I would never think of going back for a second OR allowing one of my offspring to do so. But you know I turned the cart around and went back TWO more times for Bailey to have some more. Even when she spilled one. Why? Look at those big blue eyes and imagine her saying
 "More please, Nana."

She enjoyed coloring.

She is a happy little helper--no slacker here! She ran to get the broom
and got right to cleaning when she saw some crumbs on the floor.

Mac and Cheese is a favorite.
 She needs a spoon AND a fork and savors every bite!

She's not quite two but she knows her left foot from her right.
(She also knows all the letters and sounds of the alphabet and
any color or shape. And that's not all! She also knows
her geography: she points to the states on the map and names them...as well as the
people she loves who live in that state. )

She can put her shoes on like a pro.

She has amazing hair and she even let me french braid it one day.
Maybe it was because I let her play with the DVDs and
that kept her still long enough to do the job.
Shhhh, don't tell "Daddo"

Bailey with Daddo and Norah

Bailey was so excited to see her Baby Sister...as we drove to the"hopistal" she told me:
"I want to see Baby Sister! I need to talk to Baby Sister."
I'm sure they will have plenty to talk about.

Calm, serene, happy little Norah

Ten Perfect little toes...

She got her fair share of hair.

I think this will do for my Quarterly Grandchild Adoration Blog.
But since there are two now I believe I can double the bragging.
I'll have to check on that.


Amelia said…
They are beautiful and that tiny one is oh, so sweet!

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