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Scholarly Pursuits...

...or Why I Home School, Reason #238.
We are studying the Civil War this year here at The Gale Academy of Classical Education. We each chose an aspect of the war with the assignment to prepare a report and give a presentation on the chosen subject. Shane's topic was the weapons of the war (naturally). He likes to do the barest minimum and continually tries my soul by not being a cheerful and dedicated scholar. But I am relentless in my efforts to inspire him to greater heights of educational endeavor (I have taken away all video games and anything like unto it) in hopes of helping him attain his full potential.

Yesterday was spent in an ongoing debate with Shane trying to negotiate his way into a lazy and sloppy presentation and a one paragraph report. He was wearying me with his whining but I stuck to my guns (a little weaponry reference there hahaha). In the end, I quietly reminded him that he needed to do his best and left him to decide what that was.

This morning, I woke up an…

Sam I Am

They met at the Village Store. The young villagers were ready to head to the mountains.

There they would learn the ways of men. Mountain Men.

Conversation in the Car

Driving down Main Street with Shane, he noticed a big "FOR LEASE" sign on the front of an old building.

Shane: We should buy that and put a store in it. Me: What kind of store? Shane: The Awesome Store! Me: Really, what would you sell at the Awesome Store? Shane: Guns, knives and candy. Me: I think you are missing something... Shane: Oh yeah! Kittens! And we would tie a ribbon on the kitten and tie a knife to it. Orrrr... we could make up gift baskets for holidays: A kitten, a couple of knives, a gun and some candy. It would look so cute with the kitten playing with the candy. People wouldn't be able to resist!

News From the Field

We hadn't heard from our missionary for a few weeks--and I had to assume he was anxiously engaged in the work-- so not too much Mom-worrying here. But it was nice to get his email today and find out that he is fine and yes, working hard.

Here is an excerpt from his email today: So we had an amazing baptism yesterday but you kind of missed out on the whole background story. There names are Qhua Lauj (Khoua Lo) and Neeb Thoj (Neng Thao). They are the ones that I wrote an email to Elder Trythall of the 70 a couple weeks ago about. So after he got the email he spoke with President Lewis and the answer was no, they couldn't be baptized. I spoke with President Lewis for a while about it as he tried to explain Elder Trythall's reasons and I tried to explain why there really wasn't any other option but to baptize them here. I don't think I've been so upset my whole mission, to work so hard to baptize, have an amazingly elect family that wants to be baptized, but have a g…

Stuff We Did This Summer

Some quilting for sweet grandbabies:

Some precious time with this sweet grandbaby:

And his sweet Mama:

Some dog wrestling:
And dog snuggling...
Some changes are coming for the Gale Family:

Some changes that involve packing. Lots of packing. Again.

The hardest part of packing without a known move date? Packing up the books. I want to have them all at my disposal. Ready and waiting should the need arise to answer a question or satisfy a curiosity.
So I have done it slowly and reluctantly. Keeping most of our favorite go-to books out til the last minute. Our destination? Connecticut--you know--the other side of the country.

Then we watched this... and it inspired this purchase:
Which inspired more of this around the house (and in us):

Which led to busting out the wheat grinder:
And a real change for the better in healthy eating. At least for me--the youngsters a