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A Conversation Before Family Prayer

Me: So Shayla, you are now the reigning oldest sibling. Shay: Yes, I've clawed my way to the top! Me: And should she be unable to perform the duties of Oldest Sibling At Home,  we have Sam as first runner-up Dad: You better watch your back! Shay: He's going to stage a coupe? Sam: The power will be mine. Shane: I'm just a peasant.

The Peaches of Honesty

Yesterday as I was making the return trip from dropping Seth off for college in Utah, I stopped in St. George for gas. Whilst I was contemplating the cleanliness of the restrooms (tolerable, yet still a little disconcerting) I decided, on a whim, to ask the clerk for directions to the Jacob Hamblin house located nearby. We happen to be direct descendants of his--I mean Jacob Hamblin, not the clerk-- and I thought Shayla would enjoy learning a little about her ancestry. So I surprised her with a little detour into the past.

We were the only tourists there so we got some one-on-one time with the sweet sister missionary who was conducting the tours. I told her that Jacob was my Great-great Grandfather and for Shayla that means THREE GREATS and a grand! We didn't have a camera with us, so the missionary took some pictures and she said she would email them--so those will be a coming attraction. In the meantime, we enjoyed the tour and I got overwhelmed with emotion telling the Sister …

Mission Birthday

Happy Birthday to our missionary today--20 years old!

Wasn't he just turning ONE yesterday?

Cabin Perspective

The garden post was going to be a joke---sort of a spoof of my garden obsession, but by the time I took the pictures and started posting them I was lost in garden craziness and the beauty of nature and the wonder of delicious food growing out of the dirt and it didn't turn out the way I planned...
So, moving on--here's a little summary of our family time at the cabin:

Now we come to a portion of the blog we'll call: Family Vacation Through Shayla's Eyes
She took these pictures as we were driving around town:

I Beg Your Pardon, I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

But I did promise you an update on my garden! True to my word, here it is...

After two weeks away, I wasn't sure what would be left of my garden--what with the rabbits and the moles and the birds and the snails. I came home to this:

A fresh batch of sunflowers!
Just the big ones--I'm not that OCD...

Seth is the arm model here--we really wanted you to see just how big it got and the tomato wasn't doing it justice!
This was my favorite surprise when I got back: CANTALOUPE!! And lots of them--I had to replant them three times in my battle with the bunnies. I win.