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Oh, Brother!

When I was born, I was lucky enough to have a big brother here already. He'd had two years as an only child when I showed up and changed that status.  Maybe because I wore his hand-me-downs and played cowboys and Indians and cops and robbers and Batman and Robin with him, he once told me  "You are a girl, but you are still my brother." I considered that the ultimate compliment. He also told me that the weed that grew by our front steps was a Chicken Pox plant and I better not touch it or I would get the pox. I considered that sage advice from my all-knowing big brother and steered clear. He assured me that I would not see the devil's face if I dug too deep in the sandbox, and pronounced the neighbor kid who told me that a liar. I slept a little easier after that. That's what big brothers are for.
One day, when I was 3 and he was 5 we were told we were going to get shot. At least that's what I heard.  My Dad packed us in the car and took us to the local grad…

On the Way to Costco

Sam was riding shotgun on the way to Costco today. He's always a cheerful companion to have along. He jumped right in with this as a conversation starter:

Sam: The missionaries asked me to read the Book of Mormon along with (his friend who is taking the discussions) so I have been reading every night no matter how late it is. I read it on my itouch.

Me: (thinking to myself) This is news to me...I didn't know he was reading along with his friend. (also thinking to myself) maybe that itouch isn't such a total time waster after all.

Sam: So I'm at the part where they just got to the promised land. Mom, I really think that Nephi is amazing. You know how Alma is so all deep with doctrine and stuff, but Nephi is all about doing--he just does what he is supposed to. Something needs to be done, he does it. Like when the Lord tells him to build a ship. He's all "OK where do I find the ore to make the tools." He's not questioning whether he can build a ship or …

Her Father's Daughter

Since Father's Day is tomorrow, at family scripture tonight we talked about how Nephi was born of goodly parents and taught somewhat in all the learning of his father.

Shayla: So Dad, do you have any wisdom to impart to us?

Me: His life is his sermon

Shayla: Oh, a cautionary tale I see!

Dad: Hey!

Me: See they have been taught in the learning of their father.

You Never Know Who Might Take an Interest in Slugs and Snails

I was feeling a little guilty about  ANOTHER post about my garden. That's how exciting my life is--what can I say. But, take a look at the comment on my last post. You may or may not know her. After she shared her experience, I was sorry I hadn't included the oft-told story ofour little slug-eater who shall be nameless. I'm sure she would have found it amusing.

On The Rampage

It's war. It's on. Bring it! The snails have stepped--slimed over the line and I'm not going to take it anymore! I spent all those years in the Northwest dealing with slugs. Some the size of my forearm--I am not exaggerating! I kept up on the latest strategies for battling slugs and had my arsenal well stocked. Some of the recommendations from experienced gardeners were a little odd: "Put out cans of beer, buried up to the rim--slugs love it!"
(This does not mean I had my 'arsenal' well-stocked with beer, I'm just saying it was a suggestion!) So the old slug is a lush--and what do I do with it once it's tipsy? Take away its keys?
Or: "Put out crushed nut shells around your plants--the slugs don't like that." Actually, they considered it a minor inconvenience--easily overcome with copious amounts of that charming ooze they produce by the gallon.
I had boys who were more than willing to give them the salt treatment. In fact, we went through …

For Time and All Eternity

The cute photographer got some amazing shots. I realize I am the mother of the bride and can't get enough of all the wedding fun so don't feel obligated to go look at more pictures.  Unless you want to...they are pretty awesome.  I'm just saying.  But then, I am a Mom.
More Wedding Pics...

One Tiny Girl

Three Protective Uncles (Shayla took this picture waiting outside  the Salt Lake Temple--Siara and Tyler's wedding day)

Kinda Like Watching Paint Dry

I admit I'm a bit like an old lady when it comes to my garden... I like to putter around pulling weeds and looking for any new growth. I'll even admit that I used to watch the PBS show "The Victory Garden" on Saturday mornings. On purpose. So the 10 days I was in Utah gave my garden a chance for a big growth spurt without me there to observe every change.
After: Before


I'm sure you are all just riveted by this exciting development... I can hear you now: "OK...her garden grew. Yeah, gardens do that. You plant seeds, stuff grows. Big whoop-de-doo."
I know. But I still can't help it.

A Memorable Memorial

The day dawned bright and early with a delicious family breakfast at the Little America--we wanted to beat the crowds and get to our destination: Antelope Island

We started out in the Visitor's Center where we learned all about the history and wildlife of the island out in the middle of the Great Salt Lake. The wildlife could be summed up in the familiar song: "Oh give me a home, where the buffalo roam, and the deer and the antelope play, where seldom is heard, a discouraging word..."

Oh, except they left out the GNATS!

The truth is, we heard more than a few DISCOURAGING WORDS
And a lot of slapping and itching!
We set out on our "easy" "family friendly" hike up Buffalo Point Trail, doing our best to keep ourselves from being eaten alive. Scott and Sam sprinted to the top and were on their way back just as we approached the summit: "Head back to the car--there's nothing to see!" they shouted as they continued to fight off the gnats. Scott took Bailey…