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A Short Communication About Communication

Sam: So when do I get a phone?
Me: Well, I guess when Seth leaves for a mission next spring, that will free up a phone.
Sam: Yes!
Me: But his phone will go to Shayla--she's been dying to get that phone--it's Spencer's old phone.
Sam: So I'll get stuck with Shayla's stupid Intensity?
Me: Either that or we could get you two tin cans and some string.
Sam: Aaaargh! (yes he sounded like a pirate)



Recent Conversation

Dad (to Sam): So, you're squared away for life?

Sam: Yep--I'm all set! I've got the rest of my life all planned out!

Dad:  Very funny. I mean for the Scout Board of Review--are you Star or Life?

Sam: Thanks for taking such an active interest in my scouting.

Shane: I'm going to be 1st Class. I caught up with Dad!

Sam: Oh, I outrank you now Dad. I guess you'll have to salute me.

Dad: Yeah, yeah. I'm over here crying my eyes out over that.

Sam: Well, when the world is ending and you're left with just a piece of rope to save your life--too bad you won't know what to do.

Wherein I Boast Shamelessly About My Adorable Grandchildren

We are now the proud grandparents of two precious little girls! I'm not going to beat around the bush here--it's awesome! I love my kids like nobody's business but they were work--grandchildren are all play. It really is payback time.

I was lucky enough to spend some very happy days with our little Bailey last week. Mama went to the "hopistal" to have "Baby Sister" and Bailey hung out with me at their house. I took her to Costco where they happened to be serving free samples (can you believe it?) of strawberry smoothies. Bailey enjoyed her free sample and sweetly asked for another. Normally I would never think of going back for a second OR allowing one of my offspring to do so. But you know I turned the cart around and went back TWO more times for Bailey to have some more. Even when she spilled one. Why? Look at those big blue eyes and imagine her saying  "More please, Nana."

She enjoyed coloring.

She is a happy little helper--no slacker here! Sh…
I promise to fulfill the duties associated with this award  as soon as I finish the duties associated with being Nana... In the meantime, THANK YOU!

Gramma Time

I'm off to Texas for a week to spend some time with this little sweetie:

She'll be welcoming her new baby sister!

This is Bailey recently reading with Pop-pop

Look at that face!
I may be a little busy basking in Gramma heaven--but expect plenty of bragging (only within the parameters of the rules and regulations of Grandparent adoration of course!)  and pictures when I get back.

C D C?

Do you remember the first time you saw the ocean? It's interesting that the earth is covered with so much water and yet there are many people who live their whole lives without seeing the sea.

 My little sister Valorie came to visit for the Labor Day weekend--she's the ideal guest: kind, funny, low-maintenance, an oatmeal connoisseur  and comfortable with silence (sometimes you run out of things to say for awhile).  I didn't realize she hadn't been back to the beach since our family trip to San Diego in 1979. She was just a baby and doesn't remember a thing. I was 16--I am the WAY older sister.

So I made it my quest to get her to the ocean.  I was worried that it would be crowded due to the holiday but we left early enough in the day to beat the lolly-gaggers. Just as we pulled up to the free parking area for Torrey Pines, someone fortuitously pulled out of the perfect parking spot and we pulled in.

"It's so big" is the first thing she said. "Look …

Why I Homeschool Reason # 38

Billy Shakes

I was just about to get after Shane for staying up late when he told me he had been reading
Macbeth and The Merchant of Venice.

Then we discussed The Merchant of Venice over breakfast: Shane: That loophole was pretty awesome. A pound of flesh but not one drop of blood. Me: Yeah, that Portia's pretty clever. Shane: I don't know why he didn't take the offer of two times the money. I would have--that would have been 6,000 ducats. Me: I know--it sounds like a lot of money. Shane: He wanted the guy dead so bad--he could have just taken the money and gone on with his life. Me: Revenge makes people do crazy things. Shane:  True that. I'm going to memorize that part--"The quality of mercy is not strained..." Me: Well, OK, if you insist.
Extra points if you can guess why I chose the number 38 for this homeschool post :)

Favorite Things

Here's an old favorite:

I mean the apron, not me!
The Landa Apron. Let me share with you the history of this relic. Andy started working for Landa waaayyyy back when Shanna was a baby. It was a great company to work for and he climbed the corporate ladder there from Senior Accountant to CEO. We have great memories of the company picnics: the PIRATE SHIP! Lemonade in the drinking fountains! And great memories of company trips:South Carolina, Washington D.C., Mexico City....Speaking of Mexico City, here I am on top of the Pyramid of the Sun:

That is Spencer in my belly--I hauled my pregnant self up that VERY tall pyramid. Wearing my big eighties earrings  and sporting some awesome sunglasses. I am woman hear me roar. Or huff and puff.
So, back to the apron. One year at the company picnic, they had the executive team frying up the burgers and hot dogs on the grill. The picnic organizers had these aprons made for the occasion. Dad brought it home and it soon became my favorite apron.
A few y…

A Lotta Tomatas AKA: A Shameless Garden Post

The Tomato Jungle
The Lurking Tomatoes (They are trying to hide from the hungry rabbits)
The Harvest

The Grand Finale