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An Unusual Encounter in the QFC Parking Lot

I have been a little preoccupied with packing and preparing for the big move so I haven't written for awhile-- for that, gentle reader, I apologize. But let me tell you of an odd experience I had today. I ran to the store for milk and watermelon--the two summer staples of the Gale Family. I also picked up some "trail mix"--no sugar, no salt because I have been eating only fresh, unprocessed, pure and natural foods of late. (And I have lost TEN POUNDS--but some of that might be because of all the frenzied packing and cleaning and hauling of huge amounts of heavy stuff to the D.I. trailer). If you want to see what changed my life go to: Wow-- I really got off on a tangent there.

So, as I was heading to the car, a young man was walking toward me. I went into full alert. (A little known fact: my Dad taught me karate when I was a wee lass and I have an automatic response to someone approaching my personal space--just a warning--don't ever sneak up on…

Seth's Excellent Adventure

Here are a few pictures from Seth's recent trek through the Olympic Peninsula...let us all take a moment and gaze with awe upon the beauty of this amazing place we call the Northwest.
The sun sets on a long day of trekking through rain forest, climbing cliffs and shlepping through swampy sand.
You may not be aware that stairs like these grow naturally in the right conditions in some wilderness areas of the Great Northwest.

"I shall forge ahead and make a trail through this wilderness-that others may follow!"

Dreams Can Come True

It looks like we will soon be moving to a cabin in the woods, with a river out front. The seller accepted our offer and we are in escrow! So barring any major malfunction, we will be moving in a couple of weeks--maybe sooner. The bats living in the woodstove pipe are just a minor inconvenience--we will politely ask them to leave before we light a fire--oh and there were a few unidentified carcasses in the crawl space. Luckily too small to be human. Oh and I'm soooo glad I didn't have to crawl under there to look for dead more blessing to count!

I'm going to try to share the link with you so you can see our new place. Wish me luck!

Are Wii Having Fun Yet?

For Family Night activity we all gathered 'round the Wii to have some quality time with the Wii Fit. We had all tried it a few times so Dad wanted to have a turn. You have to have healthy self-esteem to do it in front of others because it tells you your fitness level in huge graphics and print right there on the screen. Well, Dad went through the whole testing and got the verdict. Then he decided to do some yoga. Who would have thought yoga could be an entertaining spectator sport? He was doing 'The Tree' and the avatar trainer said in her creepy voice, "You seem a little shaky." (Dad had fallen off a few times) and Dad yelled, "You'd be shaky too if you were obese!"

"This is the night we've waited for, always a treat we have in store. We love each other more and more, with every family night......."

Shayla Again

These pictures were so cute-- I was afraid to try and post them on her b-day after my traumatizing experience on Shane's but I think I am ready to try again!

Happy Birthday Shayla!

Shayla is 14 today! I asked her if she felt any different: "Do you feel older? Taller? Smarter?"
She replied, "From what I've seen of teenagers, the smart factor actually goes down for a few years." Amen, sister, amen! (Although--I would never say that about my own children. Maybe it's just the 'common-sense' factor that drops.)

Dinner Conversation

Last night at dinner, Seth was complaining about how much his back hurt. I said, "Oh, from carrying that pack on your 50 mile hike?"

Seth: "Fifty-FOUR mile hike!"
Me: "OK, fifty-FOUR miles."
Seth: "I need someone to rub my back"
Sam: "There is no way I am touching your back."
Seth: "If you want to live, you will rub my back!"
Sam: ::contemplating his options as his life flashes before him::
Seth: "Actually, you haven't LIVED until you've rubbed my back!"

A Shiny Example

We had an amazing lesson in Relief Society today...Kristen Brittain taught so that is to be expected. The lesson was on sharing the gospel and she asked moms of missionaries who are currently serving to share some experiences their missionaries have had. Cameron Cox is serving in Samoa, Jacob Hager is in Brazil, Justin Hill is in Georgia, Kyle Clegg is in California--Vietnamese speaking, and Carissa Clive is in Kirkland, Ohio. Jacob Hill has received his mission call to The Provo Utah Mission and he came in and talked about his brother Justin. He said, "As many of you know, Justin isn't the sharpest crayon in the box! But, I want you to know that his mission has changed him in many ways. He was kind of quiet, but now he speaks out boldly to teach people the truth." Then he told of Justin and his companion riding their bikes down the road, and Justin had a strong feeling he should turn down a road-- but it was a dark road in a sketchy neighborhood. So he turned and his co…

Seth Gets Back Tomorrow!

It's hard to believe our little Seffers is 16 years old! He has been gone all week on a 50 mile hike with the Boy Scouts. It's been a little quiet without him here...he has a witty sense of humor and also teases the younger siblings ...a combination that keeps things stirred up all the time.

Here's a little Seth story to cheer us up until we see him again:

After one of his crazy projects, Seth left a box cutter out on the lawn in the backyard. I asked him to go pick it up and make sure it was put away safely. Later, I asked him if he had taken care of it and he said, "Yeah, I put it away but there are blades all over the lawn out there."

I started to scold him about leaving those blades out there and the danger and foolishness etc . when he said: "BLADES OF GRASS! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Happy Birthday Shane!

Today is Shane's 10th Birthday-- one whole DECADE! It's not easy being in the number eight spot but he will always be my baby! (I know, I know--you are NOT a BABY!)

Hope you don't mind all of this blank space.....

Yeah-- it just goes on and on and ...


That's because I scanned and uploaded all my pictures -- and then I had the Audacity of HOPE (Thank you OBAMA)-- to think that I could move my writing around...just a little...not much.

And then, suddenly ALLLLLL of my pictures disappeared---POOF! Just like that. So I patiently re-uploaded all of them. BUT strangely enough the space where they had been refused to disappear.

I'm pretty sure there is a LAW OF PHYSICS that covers this mysterious phenomena. Scott? Spencer? What do you think?


NOT YET HONEY-- We'll be there soon!

Sooooo... how was your day? Did you do anything interesting? We celebra…


...Fell in the RIVER! So we all went to see THE CABIN that we've been wishin' and hopin' and dreamin' about for the last few days. I thought it would be nice to show the young'uns the trail down to the swimmin' hole. (I know-- that's WAY too many missin' "G" letters) Well in an attempt to cross a little inlet I grabbed a branch that wasn't as sturdy as it appeared and I fell backwards, flat on my back, into the river! We all got a good laugh out of it and I squished around in my wet clothes for the rest of the tour.


Shane: We have soooo many bug bites.
Sam: Yeah-- way more than anyone else.
Shane: What the heck!
Sam: Well, we haven't had a bath for a week. Bugs like dead things...and we smell like death!
Shane: YOUR MOM!
Sam: Loves you.
Shane: And you too.
Sam: True that.