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Strangers in a Strange Land

Tonight was Mutual/Scouts/Webelos/Young Women Nothing unusual about that. That's been a part of our routine for a good many years. But when you are in a new place, you can't take for granted that you will just up and know everyone and where they live and who is where and what is what. So, this evening, Shayla loaded up her bucket and sleeping bag and we set off for Young Women/Mutual. We had a phone number of the home where they were meeting. So she called and got an address. We confidently plugged the address into our trusty GPS (we don't leave home without it!) Then we drove all the way to the place where the TRUSTY GPS told us to stop: "Destination on the right!" Only one number was missing on the house. There where there should have been a six, there was a blank spot. Odd. But the GPS had not steered us wrong before. So, Shayla took her bucket and sleeping bag in hand and went up to the door. She rang the bell and waited. We were a little early, but we thought there should b…

This Boy

Because this boy: Graduated from BYU with a 5-year degree in Chemical Engineering...
We got to see this sweet family!

Seth got to celebrate his BIRTHDAY the night before graduation with his WHOLE ENTIRE
FAMILY!!! (And the cute server wrote:"Happy Birthday" in chocolate around his dessert plate)

We also got to "Ohhhh" and "Ahhhh" over this Little Darlin'! (And her Mama: the lovely, talented and patient, Nicole)

We got to see Siara and her Honey. (They ran a Half-marathon the week before--WOW!)

Shane got to spend time acting silly with his big sister: Shanna

AND with his big sister Shanna's cute, little, kitty: Pip

Because This Boy makes us so VERY proud and happy-- we were thrilled to be there for this special Milestone in his life! And we hope to be together for many more in the lives of all these boys and girls... And when we are all done, We hope to be together FOREVER!

A Moving Experience

I have been a little busy lately trying to bring order to chaos--something I find very satisifying. Each box I empty is another step closer to making this house a home.

I am still mourning the loss of my pictures so I decided to paint a picture today with the proverbial "thousand words". Let's see how that goes!

Here you see the driveway of our cabin in Washougal the day we were leaving:
Note the hail on the ground in big drifts-- There is our car all loaded up with kids and all their stuff. Sam is making a funny face and Seth looks very serious. The cats are tucked into their carriers. They look a little nervous. The weather made it easier to look forward to California sun! Next, a picture of the black cat. The kids decided to name him Tuna: He's stretched up on the dashboard, looking out the windshield as we drive. He seemed to enjoy the long drive in the car. Here's a picture of the front of someone's car: The youngsters took this picture in the parking lot of a bi…

A Love/Hate Relationship

This post was supposed to be a pictorial on our recent migration from our long-time home in the Northwest to our new home in Southern California. I had lots of great pictures. I downloaded them to my computer.
Then they disappeared. I admit I am not very computer savvy but I haven't had a problem with my pictures before. I really wanted the pictures back, so I went on HP's online live chat "Help". My cheerful helper was named Aliji. I wonder where he's from? He seemed happy to help me resolve my Mystery of the Disappearing Pictures. He said things like
"I am happy to begin the help with your problem and get it resolved." He answered many of my explanations with: "OKAY!" Then he asked me to click on "My Computer" My PC doesn't have "My Computer" it just has the very succinct: Computer I clicked on it and it didn't come up with the things on the toolbar that Aliji thought I should have. Then my computer crashed. CRASHED! So I am …

At the Local Hardware Store

So, we're new in town. That's a weird thing to write! I have gotten to know our new town by getting lost several times--and it's not a very big town either. Last week we hadn't unloaded our PODs yet and I needed a tape measure. That set me out in search of a hardware store. I finally found the place after two dead-ends and a rather treacherous dirt road.

I walked in and told the friendly helpful hardware man what I needed:

Me: I need to measure a room for a rug. Could you tell me where I could find a tape measure?

Him: What size is the room you need to measure?

Me: Well......if I knew that, I wouldn't need a tape measure.

Him: [Laughing uproarously--along with everyone else in the small store]
I think I'm going to like this place.

The Rest of the Story

Today I thought I would add a little postscript to the Easter blog--I know it was already pretty long. But here's what happened next:
That sweet girl gave me her dress; but she was a year younger and a size smaller than me. The dress fit my little sister perfectly and she wore it the next day to church. She borrowed shoes from a neighbor, as did several other siblings. My Mother's younger sister was living in Orem at the time and she brought over a few dresses and pairs of shoes for us to borrow for church as well. We managed to piece together clothes enough to make the family presentable. As is traditional in many places, a lot of the families at church were dressed up in new Easter clothes. It made our bedraggled state stand out a little more than it would have on a regular Sunday. But it didn't matter to us. I had my Beehive friends there to sympathize with me, and although I felt a little self-conscious tottering around on my aunt's high shoes, wearing a dress that…

Family Conversation

Saturday night we were discussing the fact that the boys would need to wear their casual shoes to church because all Sunday clothes are packed in the last pod from the cabin--awaiting our hopefully eventual move out of a hotel and into an actual home. They seemed a little concerned and decided at least they weren't flip-flops.

Then Dad said:
"Yeah, I was going to wear some water moccasins!"

Me: "????? Do you mean poisonous snakes? On your feet?"

Then I started laughing so hysterically I could barely breathe.

Dad: "Are you mocking me?"

Sam: "Yeah, you're being water mocced!"

Me: "Oh, I get it--they're like "Crocs" but they're "Mocs"--both named after dangerous swamp creatures."

When Saw We Thee a Stranger

The year I was 13, going on 14, my family had moved from Twin Falls to Orem and we were going back to Twin Falls for Easter Vacation. Yes, back in the day we didn't have "Spring Break" we had "Easter Vacation". It was the week before Easter. Our grandparents still lived there and we were going to visit. It was a harrowing trip up there because our ancient station wagon with the faux wood-paneling (which was just peeling, faded paint in a wood-like pattern)--was smoking in the area around the exhaust pipe. Car problems were the norm for us but this was worse than usual. When we got to Twin, my Dad took the car into a shop for repairs for the week we were there.

It was a fun week, I spent time with friends I had left behind when we moved. Also, my birthday was coming up and my parents and grandparents had given me some money to add to my babysitting money-- I was hoping to use it to buy a new dress. A recent growth spurt had morphed me out of my two Sunday dresses…

Sometimes You're the One...

Sometimes You're the Ninety and Nine

When I think of the many descriptions of the Savior, I like them all. But the one that stands out to me at the moment is "The Good Shepherd". I love the imagery of Him lovingly gathering all of us to Him. He beckons to us:
"Come, follow me."
All we have to do is ASK, SEEK, KNOCK...
and he is there for us.
His patience with us is Endless.

Because, "All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned every one to his own way..."

It seems that even when I am headed in the right direction and staying with His flock, I sometimes get side-tracked or just complacent. I need that gentle reminder of what matters most and where my thoughts and efforts should be. And He guides me back to Him.
Have you noticed how His commandments are really all about His love for us?
He is asking us to do things that will bring us true happiness.
He is showing us the way to safety and peace.
Even in the midst of turmoil and trial.
Yet, there are times fo…

How 'Bout:

A gal, and four kids in a hotel, her guy at work, two cats at Kritter Kamp, the appraisal LATE, SLOW, DELAYED, then rejected, the new appraisal RESCHEDULED, dirty clothes piling up, the house empty, waiting for the gal, her guy, four kids and two cats.
The good news: no bats or rats (dead or alive).

In Transition

I'm reporting this evening from sunny southern California. I will have to change my blog description--we are no longer in a cabin. I could say: "A gal, her guy, 4 kids, & 2 cats in a car" but that would be temporary. Hopefully soon it will be: "A gal, her guy, 4 kids & 2 cats back in civilization". (I know the old one says "8" kids--but technically 4 of those 8 kids have grown up and moved out to college and marriage and other such grown-up stuff.) I'll have to think about that.

Kinda Funny

Sunday was our last time at church as members of the Prune Hill Ward. It was Fast and Testimony Meeting-- wherein we can share our expressions of faith and testimony with our fellow congregants. It's always uplifting and faith-strengthening.

One sweet lady (she was Primary teacher to almost every one of our kids, and her daughter was the favorite babysitter to our older three) was saying how she would miss us. She said, "They moved into the ward when they only had one baby, then they had kid, after kid, after kid, after kid, after kid, after kid..."

It was great comic relief for me after feeling like I was going to bawl my eyes out thinking of leaving all those great people.

And...That's a Wrap

Goodbye BurgervilleAnd Top Burger too...

Goodbye Crown Park

We'll miss you.

Goodbye Camas Pool Where we learned to swim

Goodbye old Camas High and Fred Howe Gym (yeah, no picture--that's another story)

Goodbye Prune Hill Chapel Our Church on the Hill So many good memories, A book they could fill.

Farewell Shell Station and "Dorky Socks" School Where some of the Gale kids Learned so many rules.

We lived here so long We never thought the day would come

That we would move away and call someplace else home.

But wherever we go and whatever we do...

We'll keep close in our hearts, Sweet memories of you.