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Missionary Haircut


A Work In Progress

These are the raised garden boxes my boys are building for my desert garden:The ground is sooo hard, we had to rent a post-hole digger to dig the holes for the box posts:
That's a serious drill bit!

When they were growing up, Seth and Spencer spent A LOT of time together building all kinds of flying contraptions and hover-craft and a giant trebuchet.
Their most famous joint venture was a fire in the backyard. Seth was three and Spencer was five. They built it right next to our wooden fence and wooden shed.

It's nice to know they grew up to be useful, productive and hard-working.

The Odyssey

One of the joys of moving to a new state and starting over is the opportunity to get new licenses-- for driving and for the cars. This meant spending some quality time at a favorite place of mine: The DMV. Here I learned all about the beauty of the bureaucracy of my new state. I started out optimistically that morning--Andy had already done his time at the DMV and had the paperwork partially done on my car. I just had to take it to get "Smogged" as they say around here and bring in the proof that it passed the very strict California Emissions Test. So I showed up at the local DMV, (which happens to share the same strip mall as our local Wal Mart) with the "Smog Report" in hand and stood in line. I was handed some paperwork to fill out and told to come back when I was finished. "Don't get in line again, just come over here and I'll give you a number to wait for the next step." There were going to be steps? This did not bode well. It seemed my desire to…


"Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday that is observed on the last Monday of May. It was formerly known as Decoration Day. This holiday commemorates U.S. men and women who have died in military service to their country. It began first to honor Union soldiers who died during the American Civil War. After World War I, it expanded to include those who died in any war or military action."
They Keep Us Free
by Roger Robicheau
In time of need their will is sure
American, their freedom pure
Protect our life and liberty
Unselfishly, they keep us free
Each soldier knows what is at stake
The risk is grave, there’s no mistake
With pride they serve our country strong
They face each foe to come along
Remember them while in your home
Or where you choose to freely roam
Don’t take for granted what you see
Some left this life, so it could be
To God I urge you all to pray
For soldier’s brave, to face each day
We should be thankful, one and all
For those who march to meet each call
©2003Roger J. Robi…

Carcass Removal

We thought we left the mice behind at the cabin. Unfortunately, they found us here. The Terminex Company guy was kind enough to set some traps for us while they were here spraying for ants and 21 other deadly and/or annoying pests. This did not include scorpians, which was too bad, because Seth found one in his bathroom the very morning the Terminex guy was coming. Spencer and Seth took care of it with a broom and a big stick.Well, the traps were set up in the attic space. And worked like a wonder. How did we know? The rank, rancid, smell of death that began early the next morning. My first instinct was to check the laundry for smelly stuff and start a load with a generous amount of clorox. That didn't help so I started checking toilets. I was baffled by this smell--and I don't get baffled easily by smells (I have 5 boys you know).
Luckily, Scott traced it to the attic and we deduced that: Dead Critter + 100 Degree Heat= Stink I called our Terminex guy. The bored receptionist let me know th…

Thank You

Dear Siara and Shanna, Thank you so much for the lovely Mother's Day gift. It was so fun to get a package in the mail. And the gift was wrapped so beautifully I almost didn't want to open it!But I did. The necklace is soooo pretty and I wear it all the time.
You are sweet and thoughtful daughters and I am lucky to be your Mom.
Love, Mom

PS I wanted to send you a proper "Thank You" but I have not, as yet, found my Thank You Note Collection. I know as soon as I break down and buy some more, the next box I open will have them in it! Hopefully this will suffice for now and I will send a note along to you as soon as I find them.

A Little Light Reading

Gentle Reader, If you have a delicate constitution, don't read today's post. Let me preface this by saying I LOVE all things Jane Austen--the BBC Version of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is the only movie that I can stay awake for (my kids find this unbelievable--and a travesty). I have savored her books and every movie based on her books that I can get my hands on--not all worth the time and effort yet hope springs eternal. But...if you have a boy (or maybe a girl) who is a reluctant reader, this might be for you:

Editorial Reviews
Product Description"It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains." So begins Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, an expanded edition of the beloved Jane Austen novel featuring all-new scenes of bone-crunching zombie mayhem. As our story opens, a mysterious plague has fallen upon the quiet English village of Meryton—and the dead are returning to life! Feisty heroine Elizabeth Bennet is determi…

Living the Dream

Ever since Seth was old enough to notice the airplanes in the sky, he has been fascinated with flying. He spent many hours working on models of his own design and trying them out in the backyard. Seth with the Airport Cat He was a reluctant reader, but anything to do with planes would entice him into reading happily.

We happened to move to a house that's right by a rural airport.
We happened to move into a ward with a very enthusiastic Flight Instructor.
He is starting an Aviation Venture Crew.

Since Seth already finished Ground School back when he was a Freshman,
he got to fly the plane. He did the take-off and the landing.

He's going to help train the rookies in his Venture crew.

He took a picture of our house from the air!

Now he has a reason to set his sights very high.

Birthday Blog: Our Favorite Daughter-in-law

I have been blessed with five sons.

Each is unique and wonderful and each has been a joy and a challenge in their own special ways.

They grow up so fast I've hardly had time to catch my breath between walking, talking, reading, driving, leaving for college, and for the oldest: mission then marrying.

As I have raised these sons, I couldn't help but think about their future (there are times when you have to remember the big picture to get through the moment!)
I have hopes that each will find a wonderful girl to marry.
But I never imagined a girl as wonderful as Scott's wife, Nicole.
She's set the bar pretty high for the other boys.

She's smart and pretty and funny and kind and patient.
She is an amazing mother to Bailey--which makes Bailey a sweet and pleasant little baby.
She handles the craziness of our big family with grace and aplomb.
She pitches in and helps naturally and quietly.
She has a strong and abiding testimony.
She is fun to be around.
She's a good cook.
She lo…

This Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day. The sky was a brilliant blue and the sun shone. As usual. But my special day actually began early--the day before when this little surprise turned up in my dryer. My new "Tuscan Chestnut" dryer. It's gum.
Luckily I have this--
A mom's best friend:

Spencer worked so hard digging out a pine tree for me, He got blisters on his hands:

He's got a style of his own--let's call it "California Hick"

We don't have a pick-ax or even a pointed shovel. But he's an Eagle Scout you know, so he found a way to make it work with his camping hatchet.

Here's the pear tree he planted for me in place of the pine. On Sunday, Scott gave Bailey to me during church and I got to enjoy my sweet granddaughter during the meeting. She was adorable, as usual. Scott and Nicole also gave me a beautiful yellow rose plant and a sizable chocolate bar...both much appreciated. Shane sang with the Primary children in Sacrament Meeting-- or rather, he stood at t…

New Home, Sweet Home

Lizards instead of slugs. This was the family room 2 weeks ago-- Not quite ready for the "after" picture because we still need to hang pictures. Andy's "after" picture looks the same:

This little fella was packed away for 9 months:

Now he's perched back up on his roost in the kitchen:
(he's at the far left over there--barely in the picture!)

We ate outside for the first few weeks until we got a
dining table...that's fresh strawberry lemonade and
peach lemonade!

Our back yard at sunset:

Sooooo many boxes--luckily there are lots of helpers here:

Uncle Seth taking a break with little "Bales"

Our first Sunday dinner on our new table--Scott & Nicole made a DELICIOUS meal for us! (this is the replacement for the big, round Amish table that I left behind at the old house--it's not round. And it's not Amish, I believe it's agnostic.)

Remembering Ashley

We miss our sweet Ashley. We know she feels right at home in Heaven because she always seemed to have a bit of it around her while she was here.

Looking on the Bright Side

This is going to be our garden: Look, no BLACKBERRY BRAMBLES! And not a slug in sight. This may look like a barren desert-- but I think it's got potential.

Field Trip!

Yesterday, the Gale Academy of Classical Education... Took a FIELD TRIP! To the San Diego Wild Animal Park The park is just a few minutes from our house...practically in our back yard! (let's hope the animals don't get loose) The wild animals were pretty amazing. The butterflies were pretty wild too.

Here you see the elusive "Lepidoptra Ferocious"

Pink Flamingos!

Awesome Cheetah

There were many different animals and a huge expanse of preserve.

Here you see the majestic Zebra in their natural habitat. You may not be aware that chain link is actually a native species of plant in the African Savannah.

We enjoyed our trip to the park and had a great time looking at all the different animals ... But this was our FAVORITE: Bailius Humanus Adorablus