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A Short Sabbatical

We are heading back to our littlecabin in the woods tomorrow for a family vacation--with what is left of our family. With only 3 kids in the car, you would think it would be a very peaceful, quiet drive. We'll see. I think the youngsters are worried that I miss all the crazy hubbub that goes along with a big family so they do their best to keep the noise and chaos level high. They are so thoughtful.

I'm looking forward to spending some time in the green, green greeness that is Washington. Hoping for a little rain even, just for old time's sake. Looking forward to some Burgerville --we won't get into any In'N'Out comparisons--it's all good. I'll pack up an extra suitcase of sunshine to share up there...maybe I can bring back a few clouds. I would bring back some apples but you know how California is about  fruits and nuts crossing  their sacred border...though they keep letting us back in.

PS The cabin is 'off the grid' so it may be awhile before…

Not a Gardening Post

July is flying by...
We celebrated the 4th (on the 3rd) and then had a patriotic dessert on the 4th.

Then shipped the boys off to Scout Camp
Sam and Shane had a fun, busy, interesting, hot, dusty, productive week. Merit Badge Count: Sam: 9 Shane: 5 Bug Bite Count: 147 each Mom Blessing Count: 2 Good Scouts + 3 Older Brother Eagle Scouts+ Many Patient Leaders= Innumerable

I joined them the last evening and they showed me around  Camp Madaguay.

I loved getting the grand tour!
When we all got home, it was time to harvest the corn... This is a "provident living, self-reliance" highlight. It just so happens that the corn came from my garden, OK?

I was feeling very grateful to see the fruits of my labor, especially after I had  to give that up not too long ago.
These were a cheery bonus.
Then, Shayla turned Sweet Sixteen! She requested doughnuts (from the Amazing KD Donuts!) Instead of cake...

We are only half-way through the month... More summer fun to come!

The Back of the Journal

I made it sound like I was going to do a week's worth ofthese a while back and then pretty much forgot about it...until last week. I was preparing the lesson for the Mia Maids on journal keeping. That got me looking through my old journals and I came across this one:

"10/8/07   I told Sam and Shane that they could sleep in the family room. They kept wrestling and goofing around so I told them 'I'll give you one more chance and if there are any more shenanigans you have to go up and sleep in your own beds!' Five minutes later there was a scuffle and I walked in to find Sam with Shane in a headlock. I said, 'What did I tell you about shenanigans?' Sam piped up: 'This isn't a shenanigan, it's tomfoolery!' I had to laugh and give them another chance."

It's Birthday Time, Baby!

Shane has reached the important milestone 12th Birthday.  He has quite a wingspan for a young fledgeling. (This was our trip to the San Diego Wild Animal Park when Scott was in town for a quick visit)
He has spent the past year adjusting to a new state, a new town, a new ward, a new neighborhood, a new scout troop, and a new home. He's pretty well-adjusted. One thing that hasn't changed: Late night shenanigans with big brother Sam!

He is looking forward to being a Deacon--here's a little preview of just how handsome he will look in his suit as he takes care of his Priesthood duties.
(He enjoyed (well OK, tolerated) our trip to downtown San Diego to listen to the San Diego Symphony Orchestra.)
Shane is my baby--though he doesn't like me to call him that.  He will however allow his sweet little niece, Bailey to call him Baby all she wants.
So, Happy Birthday to the Baby of the family!

Knee-high By the Fourth of July...

Or SKY HIGH by the Fourth of July!

And the sunflowers are just out of control...I guess they really like the sun...

Tomatoes anyone?
Yes, this another post about my garden. My apologies.

The Third of July

That's Shayla's famous fresh strawberry lemonade!
Since the 4th falls on a Sunday, we did our celebrating a day early... No fireworks allowed here though due to the whole one spark and the whole state goes up in flames thing. It's pretty quiet around here because of it's not all bad.
Here you see Dad relaxing for a minute under the big umbrella we bought in Washington.  Now we use it as shelter from the sun instead of the rain.
HAPPY 3rd!!!